Original soundtrack from the immersive work Echoes of Reality «Drone» created by CLON (Estela Oliva) in collaboration with Nait Saves

Echoes of Reality is a body of work by CLON reflecting on the technological changes projected with the arrival of web 3.0, AI and the metaverse, which are shifting human identity whilst contrasting with the state of emergency in the natural world. The first in the series, Echoes of Reality «Drone» provides a tour of the work through the eyes of a drone as it scans the lands, flying over a temple where a group of CLON muses are gathered in an uncanny avatar ritual, protecting the relics of nature. Premiered at MUTEK Argentina 2022 as an immersive installation bringing together virtual projections, sculptures, lighting and soundscapes, the work is currently touring around the world.

Nait Saves worked on the soundtrack and the sound design, crafting new layers of immersion for the experience. As the drone enters the temple, a crescent wave of sound slowly expands into space, driven by lush synths, airy vocals and a swarm of 8-bit arpeggios. An epic immersive opening created to convey the sensation of vastness projected by the temple. At the start of the second movement, a minimalistic soothing piano melody releases the tension, while creating contrast with the magnitude of the overture. This sudden lower-paced soundscape, inspired by the colors of Sakamoto and Satie, is an invitation to explore the scenery and observe the natural relics. To create the sound design for the relics, Nait Saves worked with natural field recordings, the souvenirs of her trips into the wild. Final act and climax is the ritual. Adding sound to the mighty voices of the avatars was the main challenge of the process. To achieve this, Nait Saves worked with vocal samples and pitched them extremely up and down resulting in a choral arrangement that sounds titanic and otherworldly.

“Echoes of Reality «Drone» (Original Soundtrack) is an experimental electronic soundtrack that enhances CLON’s story through sound and music and immerses the audience into a supernatural experience”, shares Nait Saves.

“Echoes of Reality «Drone» was created during Artlab x Amplify D.A.I Artist-In-Residence Programme 2021-22.

AMPLIFY D.A.I is an initiative of the British Council and MUTEK Montréal in partnership with MUTEK Argentina, Artlab, Oi Futuro, and Somerset House Studios. The programme is supported by Canada Council for the Arts, INAMU (National Institute of Music in Argentina) and Fundación Williams.

Released via @Dialog 2023

Composed, produced and mixed by Sofía Lecuona Pugno

Mastered by Ronan Portela

Cover artwork by CLON

released February 10, 2023

UPC: 5063161486453



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Released by 11 February 2023
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Echoes of Reality «Drone» (Original Soundtrack)

by Nait Saves

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