Fur:ther Sessions | 17 | иιиιт'α

by Ninitia, иιиιт'α

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Ninitia (Denver | USA)

Nina (DJ alias иιиιт'α), who is self-taught, came of age in the male-dominated early 90's rave scene, has been heavily influenced by the deeper sounds of techno, poly-rhythmic electronic music and most things unconventional. Nina, who views the art of mixing as a spiritual practice that seeks to "balance relationship to mind and body, "prefers private parties to clubs/bars where the dancing is louder than the conversation. She seeks to "reinvent the club scene to promote listening and dancing through connection and somatic awareness rather than an unconscious escape." Her sets lean in the direction of hypnotic, layered with long transitions, telling the story of the moment, often with a dark and moody undertone that reveals splashes of light and space to feel. A life-long dancer, Nina views music as a portal into a web that connects her to everything.



Artwork by Dunkelschwarz


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