Fur:ther Sessions

Contemporary Techno Podcasts and Events.


Chuha | Tobias Balghuber | Vero Annkath | Artjom Schmidt

Fur:ther Sessions was originally founded by Chuha in 2015 as an event series near Munich.

Our goal: to spread non-commercial electronic music in the region. Fur:ther Sessions stands for deep and timeless electronica without boundaries, offering a dextrous podcast series-parallel to our events. Musically the focus is broad, much like a well-curated festival, with mixes spanning the complete electronic spectrum. You can expect to find everything between crystalline ambient and harder-edged techno, all tied together by a certain sound signature.

As our events grew, local activists Tobias Balghuber and Vero Annkath also joined the team, and now since the onset of the Corona crisis the podcast series has taken primary focus.

Our aim is to support not only established artists, but also local techno enthusiasts and promising international newcomers. Often joining forces with like-minded labels and collectives, supporting vinyl culture is a central theme, encouraging DJs and collectors to stay faithful to the treasured medium.

Plans are afoot for a vinyl record release in 2021, opening up the label wing of our operations officially, as we continue to support the music and artists close to our hearts.