Label: Unknown Timeline

Title: Raroh: As The Past Would Be The Point At Which Time Was Eternity

Catalog number: UTR003

Genre: Deep, Techno, Hypnotic

Release date: 31-January-2021

Format: lathe cut transparent 12" & digital

The year 2021 is a special year full of people looking into the future and anticipating the closer and further changes that are coming for many of us. Sincerely believing in positive changes and a return to normalcy, we are leaving this difficult year 2020 which many of us will never forget.

Our message as the Unknown Timeline is an approximation and insight into a possible timeline that may occur somewhere in a parallel version of our own world. We believe that our home-world and this parallel universe can be linked through the music we present to you on a transparent vinyl record. An "interconnecting disk” between two timelines. As the title of the disk refers to a thing of the unpleasant past, we hope our brothers and sisters from parallel universe are safe and did not stuck in a dark 2020-loop, as the past would be the point at which time was eternity.

Everyhing is a concept until it become a real thing. Raroh - an Unknown Timeline member - created two sonic time breakers, that are able to break the boundaries between timelines of universes and go back and forth with the message. He sequentially joined with special forces of the Polish underground duo called OTHK who translated Raroh's vision into their own language pervading the wall of time. For the final contact with the parallel world, Nternal Bserver receive an answer and presented it a stable but sad and difficult situation from the other side of the time curtain.

[Due to Covid-19 global pandemic situation please check carefully are there no issues with receiving delivery from Poland to your country. Please contact us on [email protected] if you have questions about delivery.]

Released by 31 January 2021
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As The Past Would Be The Point At Which Time Was Eternity

by OTHK, Raroh, Nternal Bserver

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Raroh - As The Past Would Be The Point At Which...
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Limited 12" 140g transparent Vinyl.
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