Raroh is an electronic music producer, DJ and live performer born and based in Warsaw. His music oscillates between ambient, hypnotic, misty and intense sides of techno. His main musical goal is to tell an engaging story in which the listener can completely immerse and get lost.

Raroh talks about things that happened, in different places and at different times, creating new constellations and combining them into one, coherent musical story.

He played his live shows sharing the stage with musicians like Blazej Malinowski, Milena Glowacka, Birds Ov Paradise and Retina.It at Up To Date Festival 2020 or Vril during Slovenian Mladifest 2019. He released several vinyl and digital EPs, including 12” split with Głós, solo 12” on Unknown Timeline Records and latest digital EP called „Above The Ground” on No Way Records.

Contact & booking: [email protected] or PM