Dschen is a Munich based DJ, producer, modular synthesist and music lover.

Coming from a musical family he soon began practicing the piano as a child, discovered the records of his fathers collection and started to play around with music software in his early teenage years. From then on it’s been a long journey studying all kinds of electronic music, gaining more and more knowledge in music production and music technology. Finally Dschen discovered the world of modular synthesis which quickly became his favorite way of artistic expression.

After building up a Eurorack system and developing working methods within the last few years his music now arises very intuitively. Based on studio live-jams he tries to capture a special sound aesthetic and authenticity. Deep, hypnotic, organic, often abstract and always reduced to the core describes best what Dschen’s music is all about. He often imagines his own works as living sculptures or an abstract room where you can spend some time in and discover more depths and details. The release „One Armed Statue“ embodies his recent artistic developement and also marks as his debut album.

One Armed Statue

by Dschen

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