Trip#19: Archypness

by Archypness

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Introducing the nineteenth episode of our Trip podcast series. 🍄

This time our guest is the well known @archypness. His release "Ricoloctite" was very well received in the scene and is still popular today. Today we present the set he sent us before the release of the said EP. It's worth going back to earlier sets sometimes.

Archypness is a music producer, dj, teacher of Fundament DJ school in Warsaw and art creator.

Archypness music is a deep experience of spiritual aspects through mystical rhythms. The archaic atmosphere is intertwined with hypnotic sound effects. His sets are performances of dynamic meditation leading to the unknown depths of consciousness.



SC: @archypness


1. V+PRVTK - Stockholm Syndrome

2. Svreca - Ebisu (Valentino Mora Cosmic Trance Rephase

3. Gotshell - User B

4. Kryss Hypnowawe - Contemplazione

5. Absis - Running Up Hill

6. Artefact - Ossature

7. BLNDR - C.Q.J.D.A.A.

8. Blowk - Amianto

9. Eyth - Nar

10. Fabio Florido - SELCOUTH

11. Function - Binaural

12. Manent - Assioma 2

13. Mordio - Delta

14. Ntogn - Through The Mines Of Khazad - dum

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