Trip#18: Frequency Machine

by Frequency Machine

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🍄 It's time for eighteenth transmission of Psylocybina podcast series 'Trip'. We are coming back with mix from Frequency Machine!

Frequency Machine is a project developed by David Ricardo Lozada González. DJ/Producer and Artist, originally from the city of eternal spring, Medellín/Colombia.

Born in the late 90s, his project is deeply focused and inspired by musical diversity, influenced by ambient, experimental, deep, dub and hypnotic techno music.

The idea of Frequency Machine is to be able to generate musical culture for everyone around it.

He has been part of releases in Granular Spectrum, Sinapsis. He has also made appearances on Habitat Musical Records with his alternate project ‘Individuo Atemporal’



Claudio PRC – Massa

Hierarchy – Xibet

Tozzy – Midi-Chlorian

Aleja Sanchez – Magnum Iter

Merino – Ave Silenciosa

Valentin Ginies – Cosmic Tunnel

Altstadt Echo – Modern Cathedrals pt. 3 (Luigi Tozzi Remix 2)

Øbsidiaän -Wrong Paradigm

Merino – Synchronizing Mind And Body

Merino – Cocoon

Valentino Mora – Doppler Shift

Valentin Ginies – Nuclei

The Alchemical Theory – Devotion (dino Sabatini remix)

Einox – Skink

Einox – Morphing Task

Synthek – Mantra

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