Trip#14: Trøm Borg

by Trøm Borg

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🍄 This is the 14th episode of the "Trip" podcast on our channel.

This time, our guest prepared a special selection of tracks that reflect the mood and atmosphere of this transitional season.

Thank you, Trøm Borg! 🙏

You will hear a mix of new and old gems, ranging from deep and tribal sounds to light and playful melodies. The podcast is a slowly building journey that will take you through different levels of temperature and energy, creating a dynamic and immersive experience.

Whether you want to chill out, dance, or meditate, this podcast will suit your needs and preferences


Trøm Borg is a producer/dj of ambient and deep techno music, hailing from the southern forests of Norway. Currently based in Amsterdam, he is starting to make waves in the local scene through his involvement with the label Profundo Collective, as well as co-founding the event concept Retur. His sound is often deep with psychedelic elements, fluctuating between tribal and cosmic moods. He is heavily inspired by the rich textures and mystic atmospheres of his native environment, and with extensive use of organic samples and field recordings he aims to always evoke a natural sense with his music.

Relax and take a listen...🍄


Saphileaum - Sagzali [Constellation Tatsu]

Inskape - Transit (Adhémar Astral Interpretation) [Cellar Door Records]

Paul Rêve - Jasmund [Monochrome Records]

Absis - Rettlesnakes [Secuencias Temporales]

Trøm Borg - Unreleased

Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth [Desert Dwellers]

Trøm Borg - Unreleased

Noah Lyas - Black Hole [Huinali Recordings]

Doctrina Natura - Sacred Bond [Oslated]

Halos - II\III (Qeel Ilamada Edit) (Anulled Music)

Sepian - Echoes [Technologia Organica]

Floating Machines - Secret Woods [Secuencias Temporales]

Birds ov Paradise - Ochra [012]

BLNDFLD - Vurt [Self Release]

Luken - 909 Grape Mood [Profundo Collective]

Kontinum - Tardigrades [Circular Limited]

Polygonia - mùgōng [Self Release]

Bas Dobbelaer & Vand - Nomansland [Something Happening, Somewhere]

Vanoni - Rizoma [Oslated]

Zemög - Danza Transcendental (Feral Reconstruction) [Tepuy Records]

Ina Kacz - Sequoia [From a Lost Place]

Luigi Tozzi - Ecate [Outis Music]

Ariet - Path Towards [Kvltö Records]

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