Psylocybina welcomes Svarog – a long-standing figure in the world of hypnotic techno – with his mystically and profoundly sounding ‘The Last Hour’ EP.

These four cuts are the final chapter of “23 hours of drama” a big concept that started with his LP released on Edit Selects label in January 2021.

“23 hours” is a metaphor for when dark clouds accumulate over your life. In fear and ignorance, you may throw your hands up in despair. It’s about the illusion of losing control over things beyond your control. Mystical creatures place chess pieces and pawns on the chessboard and checkmate you during the last hour of a game.

The last hour has arrived, when any drama can no longer exist. When everything around seems like a game of the mind and looks like all that remains is to surrender. And once you do, harmony comes.

The EP opens with Esoteric, which sets the tone for the whole EP with its strong kick, deep bass stabs, and choir-like pads. Things get intense with the Pilgrimage where we hear accented four-to-the-flour rhythm intertwined with atonal effects that build the tension, released for a moment when dreamy pads enter. Prophecy speeds things up with its dynamic low-end sequence and vocal chops. We come home with Independence, where the pads, rhythms, and baseline create a feeling of finding yourself again on the dancefloor. The last hour has come to an end.

Artist: Svarog

Title: The Last Hour

Label: Psylocybina

Catalog Number: PSYLOCYBINA02

Format: Digital

Release date: 13.12.2022


1. Svarog - Esoteric (Original Mix)

2. Svarog - Pilgrimage (Original Mix)

3. Svarog - Prophecy (Original Mix)

4. Svarog - Independence (Original Mix)

Produced by Svarog

Mastered by Black View Studio, Damian Szkatulski, Bielawa/Poland

Artwork by Karol Siekierko

Psylocybina 2022.

Released by 13 December 2022
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The Last Hour

by Svarog

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