The new EP "Depo" by Toki Fuko, released on the South Korean label Oslated, is an exciting musical project consisting of five variations of the track. The idea of creating an original ambient version of the track originated from an interactive video installation at the RZD Museum in St. Petersburg.

Link to the video installation:

After the release of this video, Toki Fuko had new ideas for other variations of the track. As a result, the EP became a collection of diverse interpretations and experiments around the original track.

This album immerses the listener in the depths of electronic music, creating an atmosphere that allows one to fully enjoy the sound textures and emotional experiences that permeate each variation of the track.

"Depo" is a complete immersion into the atmosphere of a sound landscape, allowing the listener to discover new facets of sound art and delve into the unique world of Toki Fuko.

Produced by Sergey Korotaev aka Toki Fuko

Mastered by Mattias Fridell, Sweden

Artwork by Clément Davout

Released by Oslated from Jeju Island, South Korea

Release Date : November 17th. 2023

Released by 17 November 2023
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Depo [OSL029]

by Toki Fuko

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