Toki Fuko

Toki Fuko music can be described as mechanical signals are structured in a hypnotic substance. Their constant musical experimentation actor perceives as an analysis of the surrounding world.

Deep techno groove and rhythm sequences, such as information a way of thinking meditative space.

Most unique experience in research in the field of sound was obtained through to his hometown, where the predominant form of various mechanisms: the sounds of machines, plants, industrial costing; and together with the unique nature.

In an attempt to combine these components, it uses electrical impulses and field records, transforming them into musical pictures.

"I always liked the tactile writing music and I've always wanted to control the electric wave by using drum machines locking them into a chain.

And it was hard to get results with the use of virtual instruments, and then decided on the purchase of his first synthesizer.

As a result, it has become a unique experiment in the search for new forms and race for the best sound in order to achieve better results. "

Nowdays Toki Fuko most of his time work in his laboratory of sound, actively cooperates with Russian and foreign artists, and every day are discovering new insights into the modulation sound.