Whispers of the Valley is a three-part opus, highlighting the talent of emerging and established artists alike, including a remix by Luigi Tozzi. The project came to life with a field recording sample bank gathered during a workshop at La Vallée Électrique 2022, from which we asked producers to compose a unique track using at least one sample.

Live La Vallée Électrique festival 2023 experience: meliferarecords.com/la-vallee-electrique-festival/


The valley comes to an end with a feeling of peace and connection with nature.

The dancers leave with an atmosphere of joy and well-being, the music having created a unique and melodious sound atmosphere.

The magic of this moment is revealed in the whispering of the valley that wrapped around the dancers, and the poetry of the scene will remain imprinted in their memories forever.


Produced by Javier Marimon, Noah Lyas, Sub Accent, Neural Scape, Tsott, Paul Rêve & Sanjib

Mastered by Arthur Bohl at Melifera Studio

Artwork by Daisy de Montjoye

Marseille, France

Whispers of the Valley Part.3

by Sub Accent, Sanjib, Paul Rêve, Noah Lyas, Neural Scape, Javier Marimon

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