Whispers of the Valley is a three-part opus, highlighting the talent of emerging and established artists alike, including a remix by Luigi Tozzi. The project came to life with a field recording sample bank gathered during a workshop at La Vallée Électrique 2022, from which we asked producers to compose a unique track using at least one sample.

Live La Vallée Électrique festival 2023 experience: meliferarecords.com/la-vallee-electrique-festival/


The valley shakes, illuminated by a play of vibrant colours, the sounds, and colours blending and transforming into a psychedelic symbiosis that recalls the magic of the place.

As the night falls, the dancers bring the hypnotic sounds to life with their graceful and fluid movements. The flow of their bodies revealing boundless passion and creativity. The atmosphere is charged with energy and the experience is unique and unforgettable.

Released by 15 April 2023
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Whispers of the Valley Part.2 [MLF011]

by V:Code, Solma, Pattrn, Night Garden, Morphing Territories, Cafe de la Jungle

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