KVLTÖ Records opens its new stage with a selection of Physical and Digital Releases called KVLTÖ LDT, in this new process we will approach the Most Intimate Introduction of the Producer where he will be able to show his particularity of Sound and Artistic Perseverance, Likewise it will be accompanied by remixes and interpretations of a circle of invited artists who will show the synergy of the union in each release.

For this occasion Martyn Päsch Owner of KVLTÖ Records accompanies us with the release LTD 001 called Sacred Thought where the creation of each sound fragment is accompanied by the Depth in the Atmospheres and the Dynamic Sound of 3 Remixes created by Valuable Artists and Friends who have made this Coordination of Sounds and Ideas:

Ariet [Poland], Cauê [United Kingdom] and Raroh [Warsaw]

A new beginning accompanies us within the Harmony we have.

Written by: Martyn Päsch

Mastered by: Sheol

Artwork by: Martyn Päsch

Released by 16 May 2022
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Sacred Thought (Incl. Ariet, Cauê & Raroh Remixes)

by Ariet, Raroh, Martyn Päsch, Cauê

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