Fur:ther Sessions x Savage Arts | Ripplefactor

by Ripplefactor

19 plays

Ripplefactor (Savage Arts | Red Moon | Melbourne)

Hailing from Melbourne, Ripplefactor had been experimenting with different styles and genres which finally led him to what he was looking for - a style of sound that is an intricate dance of repetitive aural flow and subtle changes. His inclination towards Deep Techno and ambient soundscapes has completely captivated his style and identity. He is known for his ability to play thematic sets with soundscapes sending the audience on a journey.

In this mix he takes us through a journey quickly ascending into a colossal mix crafted with works from artists like Surt, JC Laurent, Lewis Fautzi, Cristian Varela, Tensal, Amotik and Anthony Linell. He also showcases some ace production from Melbourne artists like JXTPS, Ranjit Nijjer and Metapattern.

Artist Support:

Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/ripplefactor

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ripplefactorAUS

Instagram: www.instagram.com/Ripplefactor

Uploaded by 30 August 2020