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Save Your Atoll (Sardinia, Italy)

Save Your Atoll is a project born in 2019 founded by Italian artist Antonello Meloni. His music reflects Techno and Deep Techno characterized by hypnotic elements and soundscapes. His path started in 2012 with Spacedrome, a roman collective

he created with some friends focused on exploring music such as Dubstep, Garage and deep Electronica.

He has performed in many Italian clubs and several international festivals such as Freqs Of Nature (DE) or Outlook Festival (CRO) as well as some important Berlin clubs such as Hoppettosse, Acud Macht Neu, Mensch Meyer among others.

He published several Ep´s with Spacedrome on labels such as Elastica Records, Deep Electronics, Whoyostro, Spclnch, Abyssal Audio among others.

In late 2020 he is planning to release the debut album of this new project.



https://instagram.com/save_your_atoll https://residentadvisor.net/profile/saveyouratoll

Contact: [email protected]

Artwork by Dunkelschwarz


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