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TSUNIMAN [Sisu / Klub Verboten / UK]

TSUNIMAN's spellbinding trance, spacey techno, and progressive psy delights are bound by layers of the quirky and ethereal.

A moodier soundtrack for when the lights go low, TSUNIMAN's sound alchemy blends dark hypnotic elements with bright vibrations, creating otherworldly soundscapes that captivate the senses. For the past three years, they have been a resident at Klub Verboten, an alternative play party hosted in London and Berlin. After an unforgettable b2b set at Field Maneuvers festival in the Summer of 2023, they started running their party with Miro SundayMusiq - Saturday Club* - an intimate club night centred around the notion of community and supporting grassroots venues.

Their eclectic selections — often spanning 90s psychedelic trance and throbbing hypnotic techno — have earned them guest shows on numerous local and international radios, such as Rinse FM, Balamii, Noods, Radio80k, and Radio DY10. Over the last few years, they have shared the stage with the likes of Len Faki, Dasha Rush, HAAi, and LOLSNAKE, to name a few. Venturing beyond borders, they have played at renowned French clubs Macadam and Rex Club, as well as Berlin's underground favourites OHM and Club OST. Within the dynamic London techno scene, TSUNIMAN has become a regular at FOLD, performing at multiple editions of the captivating UNFOLD party. Debuting on Boiler Room with an energetic closing set earlier this year, you can be sure there will be plenty more opportunities to hear them perform.


01. Alex Tolstey, Myad, - Whale Lotta Love (Alex Tolstey & Earl Peal 2024 Remix lysergic long version)

02. Claudio PRC - Limnic

03. Andrea Zapata - 777

04. Saphileaum - Flowing Ray (Valentino Mora Rephase)

05. Blazej Malinowski - Drifting

06. Feph - Kinetics

07. Solarythm - When Matter Dissolves

08. Caue - Hahasiah

09. Hod - Endless Paradox

10. Claudio PRC - Monotex

11. Caue - Habuhiah

12. Ness - Collective Dissonance

13. MirrorLake - Passcode

14. Sciahri, CONCEPTUAL - Ritmo Oscuro 1

15. Arjun Vagale - Orbital

16. GiGi FM - Manas (PST)

17. Ruben Ganev - Chromatophores

18. Psyk, Orbe - Atonal

19. Plants Army Revolver - Rhythmic Rituals

20. Walfroy - voice simulator (maukook 6am mix)

21. Psyk, Orbe - Tunnel Diode

22. Mesh Convergence - Marionetas de la Polarización

23. Tagliabue - Naga Spell (Original Dub)

24. Atrice - Multiplex

28. Harald Uunk - Drifter

29. Klangbilderzeuger - Schwebekraft

30. Aerae - Nyx Mystica

31. L-3P - Acknaw





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YouTube: https://bit.ly/3irNAR4

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