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Morian [Melbourne, Australia]

"My musical foundations are rooted in AC/DC, Sabbath and Metallica and give rise to a love of 4/4 rhythm and the riff. From here they veered into where worlds collide – Pink Floyd met the Orb in a student dive and a love of electronica was born, encompassing pioneers such as Orbital, Leftfield et

al through to UK D&B, taking in Kruder & Dorfmeister and the dub scene along the way.

The love affair however ended in the early nineties, I wasn’t feeling anything from electronica anymore, but I knew the music I could hear in my mind must be out there - somewhere. My musical imaginations seemed to put all of the above aspects in place and was only discovered pre pandemic in the form of deep techno. This discovery so rekindled my love and excitement that I took the

plunge into DJing - I wanted to take the music internally heard and create mixes to ease back to and soothe the soul. Voila. I hope you all get the same level of enjoyment from this mix, as I had creating." - Morian.

Deepbass - Neist (Intro)

Gallery Six - Wish On A Star

Orbital - Belfast (ANNA Ambient Remix)

Akob - Merope

BLNDFLD - Falling Sun

Aspetuck - Peekaboo Sun

9Beats - Massive Star

Daniel[i] - Bathyu (Rambadu Visions)

Farazdeck - Semita

Cio D'Or - Yocta

Noah Lyas - Black Holes

Owl - Deep Within The Horizon

Dycide - Zwischen

Hierarchy - Hanakai

In Vitro - El Lugar Junto a las Aguas

GEOMETRIC - Sounds Of The Forest





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