Fur:ther Sessions | 043 | Vittjas Tief

by Vittjas Tief

27 plays

Vittjas Tief [Charybdis | ɹǝqüɟdoʞ | Berlin]

Charybdis Records co-founder Vittjas Tief, an underground DJ since 1994, is known for his deeply hypnotic and mesmerizing sounds. His techno sets are often served with a twist. For his long, whirling and swirling sets he prefers clubs with a great sound system, small but vibrant parties and also big festivals. Vittjas Tief also enjoys playing for solidarity raves and acts as a co-organizer of the popular night ‘about:marionism'. With his dedication and enthusiasm, he pushes an open minded, dance loving crowd into a state of ecstasy and cannot stand selfies taken in front of the DJ booth, nor annoying discussions about analog vs digital. Despite his mustache, cheesy vocals are definitely not part of his repertoire. Hypnotic techno for your head. Trance is a state, not an insult!





Artwork by Frank Weidenfelder

Uploaded by 28 July 2021