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LD Hypno (CodeCast | Argentina)

LD Hypno is one of the founders of CodeCast and passionate music selector.

"My vision of techno is a bit ritualistic, my aim is to generate dark but yet groovy and impactful atmospheres. Using hypnotic sounds to impact the mind and the body, but also caring a lot of about the percussion and grooves behind those. Through that combination we can generate an impact on the soul.

But where there's darkness there's light, so through sparkles of light and melody I try to show that opposites are not that far one from each other.

This is my personal journey through universe shaped into sound."

About this particular set:

"I went for a diversified selection where I could portray all the feelings that I have been dealing with during this past weeks, which were not few due to certain personal circunstances.

I think that most of the times the music we play stands for inner feelings that are looking to be expelled or projected onto the external reality, seeking to be channeled somehow.

So for this selection I left apart the technical perfection I was trying to perform in my art, and I just let myself go into my music.

Therefore, this set aims to be an unleashment of my current emotions without any kind of filters, a portray of my inner self, right here, right now."





Artwork by Dunkelschwarz:


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