Fur:ther Sessions | 026 | Artjom Schmidt

by Artjom Schmidt

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Artjom Schmidt, DJ & producer from Augsburg, Germany, has discovered his enthusiasm for electronic music already 12 years ago. While first being more into Deep House / Micro House and Minimal Music, he by and by developed his passion & love for deep Techno music, Ambient & IDM!

With his friend Till Hennig he organized a few Techno event series in Augsburg at Ideal Club, the famous Schwarzes Schaf and City Club, where they invited numerous DJs & Live acts from all around the globe.

In his DJ sets he blends Ambient & Techno to achieve a unique hypnotic, spacy & dreamy atmosphere!

For Fur:ther Sessions, his selection conveys this exact style of music.

Check it out & enjoy!




Artwork by Dunkelschwarz


Uploaded by 09 December 2020