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Lopar (Seis Records | Colombia)

One of Seis Records main artists, he has been playing for more than 4 years, He began his career as a professional dj in Decibel Academy (Intelligent Division) in Medellin, Colombia. His sound goes from the deepest to the most hypnotic and mental. Sailing through sub-genres like ambient, neo tribal and down tempo. Lopar seeks to immerse the listener in a vortex which makes him travel around Space & Time.

His identifiable taste and great selection had given him the pleasure to perform along side re known international artists like Anthony Linell, Etapp Kyle and Alfredo Mazzilli.

All this trajectory gave him the opportunity to perform in clubs like Club 1984 in Medellin, Colombia and also at Seis Bar in Manizales, Colombia.




Artwork by Dunkelschwarz


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