Raised in the beautiful nature in the eastern part of Switzerland, surrounded by mountains, woods, and waters. The mesmerizing sounds of these surroundings consist of cowbells, whistling winds, chirping birds, and flowing waters. They have shaped the musical development of Fløbo.

In his teens, Fløbo started manipulating samples and field recordings with audio editing software on his first laptop with a view to experimentation. At that time, music had a healing impact on him during a difficult period and it quickly evolved into his passion. Over the years, Fløbo has put together a hardware-based setup with which he mainly writes his tracks nowadays. His music is influenced by textural and percussive elements and minimalism.

Fløbo‘s DJ sets are a mesmerizing journey with excellent storytelling, setting the dancers and listeners in a higher state of being. Hypnotic and spherical tracks are blended together to create energy on the dance floor. Based on the nature of the location, he loves to explore sub genres across the techno universe, always taking a minimalist approach.

In 2019, right after his settlement in Berlin, Fløbo launched HYPNAUGHTIC, a music project started as a podcast series to share emerging talents and artists who inspire him. After some events in Zurich and Berlin, this project is in the process of becoming a record label.