Berlin-based DJ and sound artist Fløbo has been involved in the Swiss underground club scene as DJ since the age of 16 and later also as promoter.

The musical output of the young musician reaches from atmospheric sound worlds to forward-thinking and mental techno with hypnotic influences. Fløbo spent some years in Zurich nightlife, where he was part of a collective as a DJ. When he decided to shift his center of life, he had left the organisation to create his own thing.

In 2019, he had made his dream of moving to Berlin come true - in the same year, HYPNAUGHTIC was born, an independent label and event series, on which he is working together with his partner Ilenka.

When he moved to Berlin, he got the inspiration he was looking for. After working many years in the box, he was finally able to dive deep into the world of hardware. Since then his studio is evolving from time to time. As a person who feels very close to nature, he loves to incorporate field recordings into his creative work. Also modular synthesizers and analog drum machines are a big part of his workflow. Fløbo wants to express the human touch in his work, that's why he mostly records his tracks live, and does the automations by hand.

booking and contact: flobo.lab [at] gmail.com