KLANGBOX is a release series with audio(visual) sets that refer to sound art and express a variety of perspectives, every set is around 30 minutes long. Each edition is presenting four different approaches while the musicians are invited to question familiar sounds and instruments. Boundary areas are explored - be it through classical instruments, electronic production, avant-garde approaches, improvisation or ideas linked to visual expressions. For the fourth edition the audio works are available via download and streaming, and accompanying visual works by Thomas Pfaffinger is available as an art print (cover), or as sculptural canvas works of the series SCHEINTRANSPARENZ.

Roman Rofalski

‘My instrumental background is just classical piano, which is a very analog and melodic instrument. But for this project, I had been starting my journey in abandoning harmony and melody from my work, which is always imminent when playing the piano. It was a nice idea to have something as a bass, which is not harmony and not a song structure, but noise and soundscape. I established a strong connection between (almost) atonal soundscapes and grooves, which intertwine human groove and artificial computer rework. My good friend and drummer Felix Schlarmann added his thoughts on industrial sonic landscapes I’ve created using various software synthesisers during the first covid lockdown. His ideas - grooves, patterns, sounds - were cut, processed, distorted, twisted and brought back together, mingling with the harsh canvas of soundscapes and noise. The idea was to always keep the human groove factor, but augment the sound possibilities with those of digital editing and effects.’

Kristina Edin

‘The tracks were produced with Kaan Bulak and are a mix of layered double bass sounds that sometimes are distorted. I love to experiment with intonation and I find the double bass is an amazing instrument with its low frequencies. When you layer these frequencies you get a very specific sound and when you use quarter tones and overtones that don’t really match, you can get a very magical atmosphere. All of the tracks have their own concept. Knack is more an exploration of knocking sounds, which Kaan worked a lot on. Halbtraum I wanted to be very distorted, like a dream which feels a little bit uncomfortable; we experimented with different effects, including pizzicato in the background and chords which become very chaotic. Skare is an improvisation and relating to when everything is solemn and quiet, a feeling of loneliness; Skogsrå is a mythological creature that lives in the forest, a beautiful women who’s back is a rotten log and lures men into the woods and kills them; the closer they come the further away she seems to be. For this I made noises describing the wood and the creature. Mångata means moon street, like when you see a reflection of the moon light on the surface of water - the melody is like a yoga meditation mantra and the filter used by Kaan is meant to make it sound like underwater, and then you raise up over the surface towards the moon.’

Peter Kirn

‘I was really interested in exploring perpetual motion in different ways, so I was experimenting with different patterns and rhythms. From being in the world of techno, this was also about ways of breaking up time in different ways. In the modular environment, it was kind of feeding one pattern generator into another so that you had the sense of something that was constantly rising or trying to get away. These pieces all have a relationship to piano or some kind of instrument in that they have this sort of pure sense of tone. None of them are tuned like a piano, so they all have other tuning ideas, but they have that pure relationship between a particular tuning and the sound that comes out. That probably comes from me being a piano player that I get kind of interested in some sort of patterning of pure tones. My works are a tetraptych study in continuous motion, evoking images of astral motion and ascension. Perpetua is the Christian martyr who was visited in her cell by a ladder to heaven. Oedema is the potentially-fatal malady brought on by altitude sickness. Pictoris is a recently observed dying star, a white dwarf binary star. Pleiades is the star cluster named for the daughters of the sky god Aethra, who hold up the heavens.’

Thomas Pfaffinger

‘I come from a very classical background and I played a lot in orchestras. When I began to study, I did a lot of contemporary music and came to a piece for tuba with a saxophone mouthpiece, and also played my first piece with live electronics. And then I thought, I could create something myself, started experimenting and found some details. For this project I used percussive and metallic sounds I produce on the tuba. I wanted to focus just on the tuba and on the sounds it can create by itself and not to bring other sounds into it. I always like to distort sound so much that you cannot even recognize where it came from. And it just forms this other sound. I always produce very long sound files and then in the end, I cut it to parts. And so it's actually a whole journey from the beginning to the end.’

Mixing & Mastering by Kaan Bulak

Art Work by Thomas Pfaffinger

2022 © Feral Note

releases October 14th, 2022

© All rights reserved

Released by 14 October 2022
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