"Bulak once again proves himself as an inventive sound artist who manages to dissolve contradictions through his harmonic music. ILLUSIONS is a versatile and unique album." - KULTURBLOG

Having worked on his new album Illusions for many years, Kaan Bulak combines all his sides in a fresh way: Composition, improvisation on various instruments, electronic production, sound art and furthermore synaesthesia, as he was inspired a lot by paintings and visual works. It is the most accessible and at the same time most versatile album of the contemporary composer and producer, which can facilitate people's access to sound art and electronics. Instrumental virtuosity is complemented by sonic power. The alternation between unexpected harmonic turns and also melodic moments play with the subconscious and stay there for a longer time, so that a re-listening is always worthwhile.

Music: Kaan Bulak

Cover: Tarik Barri

Mixing: Kaan Bulak

Mastering: Frederic Stader (exc. Track 5 and 14 Kaan Bulak)

released on December 2nd, 2022

© All rights reserved


by Kaan Bulak

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