Aside from the label chief Dorian Gray, and resident producers Matthias TORM and Revenänt, we are very happy and proud to welcome new faces on the Mothership for this second volume of the series:

HLLW, producer and live performer from Copenhagen, already active on great labels such as the scandi Ute Records & the berliner Space Trax, more his own platform;

another Scandi dj/producer from Copenhagen, Xuri, that released on Space Trax (Berlin) too, and has been involved on the Amniote project from Ute Records. We introduce also a Brazilian Dj/Producer resident in UK, already out on label as Affin and his own, Cauê, as well as the Glaswegian born DJ and producer, Fernie. Last but not least also Adjust BE, the Belgian Techno dj&producer debuts on the Mothership.

Artwork by cajucart

Catalog Number: #DORIAN018

Release Date: 13/12/2022 – Tuesday, December 13 2022

on and Formaviva

Mastered at Dorian Studio by Dorian Gray

Released by 13 December 2022


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Hypnotic Trance VA Vol.2 [DORIAN018]

by Fernie, Adjust BE, Matthias TORM, Cauê, Revenänt (MX), Xuri, HLLW, Dorian Gray

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