Artists: Various Artist

Title: 5 Years Of Danza Nativa

Label: Danza Nativa

Catalogue Number: DN016

Format: Vinyl & Digital


01 Anthony Linell - Ice Demon

02 Amandra - Drakona

03 echologist - Mobil

04 Kyntral - Yuco

05 Plants Army Revolver - 0101011001000010

06 Polygonia - Medusa Euphorbia

07 Dino Sabatini - Danza Tribale

08 Forest On Stasys - Mantis

09 Luigi Tozzi - Kamayuk (Version)

10 Claudio PRC - Resina

11 Alderaan - Eucos

12 Daniel[i] - Beneath Tension

13 Vanoni - Tah'ner

14 Shoal - Howlin'

15 Vera Logdanidi - The Path Forward

Danza Nativa turns 5 years and decides to celebrate in a big way. After 15 releases that managed to capture the attention of the entire scene, the Buenos Aires label once again celebrates an anniversary with a compilation by several artists. It is also his debut in vinyl format, something that demonstrates the great support of his followers throughout these years. An album that has several exponents around the world, this release is made up of 15 tracks in which you can find deep techno, dub, drone and abstract techno. In addition to the owners of the label (Alderaan, Forest On Stasys & Kyntral), there are also tracks by Anthony Linell, Amandra, Claudio PRC, Daniel[i], Dino Sabatini, Echologist, Luigi Tozzi, Plants Army Revolver, Polygonia, Shoal, Vanoni and Vera Logdanidi.

We invite you to listen carefully and lose yourself in the depth of this album that offers a wide variety of textures, colors and rhythms.

All tracks mastered by: Seph

(Luigi Tozzi's track mastered by: Mattias Fridell)

(Dino Sabatini's track mastered by: Dubplates & Mastering)

Plants Army Revolver track is produced and mixed by: Birgan Valentin

Artwork by Arnau Pi

Cat No DN016 - Danza Nativa 2024.

Released by 16 April 2024
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