1. Forest On Stasys - Entre Malezas

2. Forest On Stasys - Rítmica Natural

3. Vanoni - Kaiquen

4. Vanoni - Oshin

All Tracks W&P by: Guido Camino and Andres Vanoni

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Mastered by: Sebastian Galante A.K.A Seph

Graphic Design by: Arnau Pi

Catalog: DN014

Label: Danza Nativa 2023

Our 2023 kicks off with a Split EP by Forest On Stasys & Vanoni.

Forest On Stasys opens the release with "Entre Malezas" a track that is characterized for being a downtempo track where the tribal rhythmic grows and the percussion begins to generate hypnosis in constant repetition while a choir pad rises and is the climax of the trance. The story continues with "Rítmica Natural" a minimalist track that retains the tribal vibe, where you can appreciate a rich saturation in the drums giving it a lo-fi aesthetic but keeping depth. A tool designed to measure for the dance floor where a French voice takes center stage and creates a psychedelic atmosphere.

Vanoni started his side with "Kaiquen" a deep track true to his slow progression style where the combination of noises and a simple bass line captivate you, the drums and textures are very subtle but are in charge of creating the atmosphere together with an oscillating soundscape. "Oshin" ends this chapter, Vanoni's classic sound is reflected in this track, a solid and marked groove together with hypnotic synths which are already a mark of his sound design and give him great personality when it comes to deep techno tracks.

Released by 28 March 2023

Split EP

by Forest On Stasys, Vanoni

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