Artists: Mateo Moric, Launaea

Title: Paciente EP

Label: Danza Nativa

Catalog Number: DN013

Format: Digital.


1. Mateo Moric - Disposición

2. Mateo Moric - Paciente

3. Mateo Moric - Parábola

4. Mateo Moric - Paciente (Launaea Remix)

Written & Produced by: Mateo Moric

Mastered by: Sebastian Galante AKA Seph

Design by: Arnau Pi

Cat No DN013

Danza Nativa 2022.

Mateo Moric debuts in Danza Nativa with his work entitled "Paciente EP" which consists of 3 original tracks and an exquisite remix by the emerging artist Launaea. His music has a variety of colours and shades that can be perfectly adapted to different times and environments.

An album designed to provide different tools to DJ's but also exposing his versatility as a producer.

“Disposición” is a off-beat ideal for heating up the dance floor. “Paciente” has a marked groove and a combination of elements that lead us to hypnosis. “Parábola” gives us the feeling of being a more physical and mental track for the peak time. The remix made by the Colombian artist breaks the matrix of the release with his interpretation of “Paciente” giving it a breakbeat style without losing depth but intensifying the journey and culminating the work in the best way.

Release date: August 5, 2022

Released by 06 August 2022
Artists (2)

Paciente EP

by Mateo Moric, Launaea

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