Art Bei Ton Podcast 037: Reka Zalan

by Reka Zalan

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 037: Reka Zalan

For the 37th podcast of our series, we are very happy to share with you the recording of Reka Zalan's set from our online event “Monument x Art Bei Ton” (24.02.21)

This online event, focusing on deep techno and visual arts, was created as a 2 hours immersive mental journey, between hypnotic sounds and a glitchy digital world.

Catch the full video of this live stream on YouTube, featuring a special VJing performance from Sasha Smirnova:

More info about Reka Zalan:

Reka Zalan is a Berlin-based Techno DJ and promoter, co-organizing the ://Elements events in the notorious club ABOUT BLANK, where she recently became a resident.

Always striving for deep and spheric moods built on impulsive rhythms, Reka Zalan's DJ sets are mainly characterized by gloomy vibes and trippy elements. Besides her passion for driving Techno tunes, she also loves various forms of Bass music, percussion-driven productions or experimental beatless soundscapes.

In her everyday life, Reka works at Hard Wax, one of the city's most famous record stores. Her great enthusiasm for selecting outstanding releases to play and share in her sets drove her to develop a collection of both vinyl records as well as digital files.

She also plays under the name No Life Signal, a B2B duo with THNTS.

SC: @reka-zalan




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