Art Bei Ton

Art Bei Ton is an event series promoting events in Berlin and Europe. This artistic project is aimed to offer some immersive experiences between electronic music and visual arts.

Curating international artists, Art Bei Ton offers a diverse selection of Art, from techno, ambient or experimental music, to VJing, art exhibition, interactive audio-visual installations, performances, panels and workshops. 

Since its creation in 2018, Art Bei Ton organized various events in Berlin, in Griessmühle, ://About Blank or Fiese Remise, and abroad in Paris at La Station, Istanbul at Temple, in Amsterdam at Red Light Radio, or in Poland at Schron.

Musically, our main focus is Hypnotic Techno. Part of this niche genre, our goal is to develop the scene and to collaborate with different labels, like Affin, End of Perception, Lowless, and great artists, such as Dasha Rush, Luigi Tozzi, Blazej Malinowski, Joachim Spieth, Aleja Sanchez, Paula Koski, and more..

Not only promoting Art, we want to create a safe and inclusive environment by curating diverse and gender-balanced line ups.

Featuring international artists and actors of the Queer community, we are fighting against all kind of discriminations and helping female artists to evolve safely in the electronic music scene.

Art Bei Ton residents

- Justine Perry

- Infinity

- Samo Rane

- Ina Kacz

- Hypnotic Black Magic

- Agonie

- Halada

- Vincenzo Albano

- nara is neus (live)

- Elek Ember (live)

- Nomi Elektra (live)

- Sasha Smirnova (VJ)


- Aconite (VJ)