Art Bei Ton Podcast 035: Yukari Okamura

by Yukari Okamura

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 035: Yukari Okamura

Our 35th episode is featuring a podcast from the very talented Japanese DJ and producer Yukari Okamura.

She created this podcast for the 'Golden Challenge' of the renown Facebook group, dedicated to our music niche: Hypnotic Techno Circle.

As part of the scene and collaborating often with this platform to share with our community, we are very happy to release today Yukari's podcast on Art Bei Ton.

This beautiful Hypnotic Techno journey will take you to explore diverse sound landscapes from the genre, between atmospheric, ritualistic and cosmic vibes - Enjoy!

More info about Yukari Okamura:

Yukari Okamura, is an artist who specialises in a gentle and forgiving sound.

Her productions are a unique fusion of euphoric and psychedelic techno, distinctive with her captivating and attentive sound design. They can be heard on releases on Circular Limited, OVUNQVE, Occultech Recording, Aparat Rec, and Oslated.

Sharing the same characteristics as her productions, her live DJ sets delve deeper into the psychedelic dimension of techno, leading the dancefloor to a state of euphoria, through her precise, deliberate control over sound and energy.

Her approach stimulates both the mind and body, bringing out strong emotional energies.

SC: @yukariokamura



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