Art Bei Ton Podcast 029: Vicky Zissou

by Vicky Zissou

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 029: Vicky Zissou

For our 29th podcast, we are very happy to release Vicky Zissou's set from our online event 'Monument x Art Bei Ton' streamed on December 15th. This event was particularly important, as it was linked to the article about '55 female artists involved in the hypnotic techno scene' and had for goals to raise awareness about gender-balance, diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

You can also catch the video this great hypnotic techno journey together with the beautiful VJing performance from Spherical Aberration on YouTube:

Stay safe and see you soon!

More info about Vicky Zissou:

Vicky Zissou has been capturing hearts, minds and dancing feet with her richly organic, eclectic sound over recent years, flitting between atmospheric, dubby, acid and raw industrial vibrations in a way that oozes with class and ensures your attention never wavers.

Her dark-layered hypnotic techno sets come with electric intensity, a shimmer of light and ease, and a drop of emotion, the continuously shifting grooves locking you in in a continuous, trippy, hypnotic haze.

When she’s not gigging in Sweden and Berlin alongside the likes of Abdulla Rashim, Dorisburg, Evigt Mörker, Sebastian Mullaert and Fjäder, she’s working on her own tracks and collaborations, including the ‘Matilda’ project alongside Hampus Bogren – a genderless project challenging people’s preconceptions and mental images, with a sound marked by modular synthesizers, complex patches, atmospheric / experimental sounds, and driving rhythmic percussions.

SC: @vicky-zissou




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