Art Bei Ton Podcast 026: Hórnbęrg

by Hórnbęrg

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 026: Hórnbęrg

For the 26th episode of our podcast series, we are happy to release an Ambient DJ set from the Berlin-based DJ Hórnbęrg.

Playing already three times for Art Bei Ton and Ambient Sleepers, we always really like the musical universe he explores through his sets.

Get on board for a surprising Ambient journeys, between field recording and atmospheric ambient.

(Photo by Laura Herz)

More info about Hórnbęrg:

Hórnbęrg have a passion for digging music and do it since end of 90´s. He is the founder of @gramofonowa-podcast and closed to some of Berlins finest collectives/series like STAUB or Art Bei Ton as well.

He brings his selections in various clubs like ://about.blank Berlin, Das Lokal Wrocław, UKW Kraftwerk Rostock & Institute Für Zukunft Leipzig to name a few.

SC: @hornberg



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