Art Bei Ton Podcast 025: Petit Astronaute

by Petit Astronaute

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 025: Petit Astronaute

Our 25th podcast is featuring an artist selected by our resident @justineperry. She is presenting today her friend and talented DJ and producer from Georgia: Petit Astronaute.

This deep and hypnotic techno podcast is the perfect immersive journey through the musical universe that we like - Enjoy!

More info about Petit Astronaute:

Started in 2010, Petit Astronaute has been developing its music for about ten years. Petit Astronaute’s Sets includes deep and Harmonies sounds .

Record Labels : @circularlimited / @aardenrecords / @affute / Pardon Records / @ordinamentoselettivo / @ahnbarcelona / @dnc-limited / Artscope

SC: @astronautepetit



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