Art Bei Ton Podcast 023: Camilla Pisani

by Camilla Pisani

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 023: Camilla Pisani

For the 23rd episode of our podcast series, we are honoured to release a live performance from the Italian artist Camilla Pisani.

She played an amazing Ambient A/V live with Spherical Aberration at our event 'Eclipse: Waxing Phases x Art Bei Ton' last November.

Let you drive through this immersive Ambient experience!

More info about Camilla Pisani:

Camilla Pisani is an audiovisual artist based in Rome. She looks for the interaction between space, sounds and abstract graphic signs.

Her music is an hybrid, moving into a set of influences: ambient, drone, soundscape, soft noise, and minimal electronic. She composes field recordings, suspended atmospheres, hypnotic textures marked by concrete rhythms.

SC: @camilla-pisani





1) Insecurities are sliding under my dress

2) The heartless roar and the welts of scorn

3) The Brainworm With Sad Blue Eyes I Chased

4) Sleep Party People

5) Love is an ecomonster that extinguishes fragile souls

6) Cerebral squirting

7) Music makes victims

8) The father's grip

9) Food is our cancer - all the songs played when we were hungry

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