Art Bei Ton Podcast 022: Agonie

by Agonie

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 022: Agonie

For the 22nd episode of our podcast series, we are happy to feature one of our first resident, who joined the adventure exactly 2 years ago.

Get on board for a beautiful Dark journey, flying over some ruined landscapes of an old civilisation!

More info about Agonie:

Berlin-based, Agonie finds inspiration in his deep connection to nature and the mysteries of consciousness, reflecting those in his diversified DJ sets. From ambient sets to raving acid techno beats, he drags the listeners attention with a carefully picked selection.

In his productions he expresses his ideas in threatening synths and air cutting percussions. On the dancefloor delivering varied soundscapes and a fast mixing style, his goal is to keep the crowd electrified.

SC: @agoniebln



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