Art Bei Ton Podcast 021: ELLE

by Elle

23 plays

Art Bei Ton Podcast 021: ELLE

For the 21st episode, we are delighted to host a Hypnotic Techno set from the talented Elle.

He was supposed to play at our event 'Art Bei Ton meets Oslated' (21.03.20 at Ipse) and we hope to see him again soon, as events are slowly starting again.

More info about Elle:

Elle is an Italian producer, characterized by a tribal and minimalist output.

His music is a mixture of his influences, centered on textured and hypnotic rhythms that transport the listener to another dimension, starting from deep techno to move freely between different subgenres.

He is endowed with an eclectic style dedicated to the creation of sound journeys with particular attention to live improvisation. He has released music on Hypnus Records, Annulled Music and other underground label. Recently founded his own ELLE label, focused only on recorded live tracks.

SC: @ellellellellellellellelle



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