Art Bei Ton Podcast 018: nara is neus

by nara is neus

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 018: nara is neus

For the 18th episode of our podcast series, we are honored to release for the first time a live performance. Listen to this beautiful Ambient/Experimental live from our resident Nara is neus!

More info about nara is neus:

nara is neus is a soundtrack maker who creates a sort of dark ambient continuously investigating with the intention of discovering new colours and textures, always with a gulp of melancholy.

With no boundaries between low-rpm experimental music and drone and a great interest into soundtracks, her compositions grow on the basis of continuous brushstrokes, offering different intensities between silence and noise, creating suggestive sound waves where the composition is more meaning than a purpose, closer to living sound sculpture. Sonic architecture for followers of Laurel Halo, Biosphere or Sky H1.

SC: @naraisneus




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