Art Bei Ton Podcast 013: Iffie

by Iffie

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Art Bei Ton Podcast 013: Iffie

For the 13th episode of our podcast series, we are delighted to release the Ambient/Hypnotic Techno set from the Greek DJ Iffie.

We were suppose to organize together with her an event in Athens on April 24th. Due to cover-19 restriction, it will be postponed to later this year.

More info about Iffie:

Iffie is an up-and-coming dj and radio host based in Athens. With her passion for electronic music she delivers monthly a radio show on the global CannibalRadio (

Nowadays she mostly focuses on techno and shares love and good vibes throughout her music. Her sound explores deep and dark elements with an affinity for modern techno.

Soundcloud: @iffie



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