Ambient Sleepers 002: ANRI (for Refuge Worldwide)


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Ambient Sleepers 002: ANRI (for Refuge Worldwide)

We are thrilled to welcome the talented Japanese DJ ANRI for the 2nd episode of our new Ambient Sleepers radio show on Refuge Worldwide / @refugeworldwide!

Get on board for a beautiful journey, discovering different musical landscapes, from Ambient and Electronica to some more Techno tunes.

This bi-monthly podcast series is part of our collaboration with the Berlin-based radio Refuge Worldwide (a fundraising platform working with a young womxn’s centre, refugee, etc.. / offering visibility to minorities and fights against all kinds of discrimination).

- Thu 15th Apr at 8pm (aired on Refuge Worldwide)

More info about ANRI:

ANRI ( Berlin / Japan )

A trip to Tokyo in 1999 gave Anri her first taste of electronic music and there was no looking back. In 2010 she moved to Melbourne, after visiting and discovering a flourishing techno scene. 2014 saw a move to Berlin.

With years of experience behind the decks on many stages from clubs to festivals, Anri has honed a unique techno sound that moves from experimental and challenging techno to melodic and deep and takes the dance floor on a journey into inner spaces held by her gentle feminine power.

SC: @anrythm




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