Arido Records presents the nineteenth installment of the plate titled 'Vertigo'. Ep made by the talented Colombian producer Esteban Miranda and which is accompanied by remixes made by the incipient Argentine producer C. Schuller and the renowned Spanish artist Bernardo Hangar.

In this installment we find six exquisite tracks, which are added in a great way to the label's musical catalog, with enigmatic sounds, cerebral melodies and vascular rhythms.

Dread In The Air, introduces us to the album through dense and captivating atmospheres.

Vertigo, envelops us in its rhythmic sequences and sound patterns, the perfect track to continue the album. Granular Refraction and Quantum Dimension present the most outgoing version of the artist, tracks full of rhythms, frenzy and very powerful for the dance floor.

The Ep is complemented with two portentous remixes, works that contribute in sonic versatility and that make clear the creative capacity of the invited artists, whose vision perfectly complements the original versions of Granular Refraction and Quantum Dimension.

W + P By Esteban Miranda

Aditional Producers By Bernardo Hangar & C. Schuller

P + C By Arido Records

Mastering By DOT Studio, Ciudad De Mexico. México

Art Worlk By Aimar


Released by 31 August 2021
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