“In the deepest darkness we wander, in search of vision and sound, free from horizons and matter.

In absolute silence, infinite space spreads itself out, plunging into new dimensions.

Freedom explodes into inspiration but the illusion, of embracing the space, is immersed in a lattice of bits that shapes cubes enveloped by the sound of the Earth.

"Esadimensional" is an extension, hypnotized by the control of time, towards the sixth dimension, where sound and organic particles merge, transcending the nature of the cosmos"

Anekoic Records is pleased to present "Esadimensional", the first various artist of a long series where inspiration and sound freedom meet, breaking down the boundaries of genre.

Mastered by Neel at Enisslab Studio

Artwork by Alessio Proietti

Words by Mattia Gargiulo

Released by 02 April 2019
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Various Artists - Esadimensional I

by Forest On Stasys, Hydrangea, Shaded Explorer, OPL, Natasha Giordano, Livai, Hoedus, Feral, Elle

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Various Artists - Esadimensional I
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