Ble$$ed Up Gang | Limit Break Worldwide September: Zvrra

by Zvrra

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Recorded from Blessed Up Gang's Limit Break Worldwide September Stream featuring guest DJ and producer @zvrra! Tune in to Limit Break Worldwide every last Wednesday of the month on our Youtube Channel:

Zvrra's Bio:

Adrenaline-spiked video games have soundtracked the youth of millions global-wide for decades. Immersive worlds elevated by pulsing scores have long gripped imaginations, and Chicago techno producer, DJ and video game developer Zvrra is an artist whose dynamic craft can be credited to the console. It was Rockstar’s street racing game Midnight Club II that kick-started Zvrra’s love of techno’s sundry rhythms as the soundtrack featured a strong supply of cuts from esteemed producers.

Galvanized by her gameplay, she quickly began experimenting with her own sound. That was nearly two decades ago and Zvrra’s output has explored a multitude of genres and styles ranging from techno and house, to hip hop, dark ambient, tribal and industrial, with her being a deft hand in blending styles and crafting concept albums.

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