We are very excited to announce the debut album 'Drømmenes Spejl', from Danish artist 'Væv' is appearing on our Winter-Light label.

Væv, which means "web" in Danish, explores the inter-connectedness in our lives, perhaps chief among them the connection between our day to day reality and our spiritual development. These threads were woven before we entered this world; they are our world.

'Drømmenes Spejl' is a rich contrast of dark ambience, sombre melodies, dark jazz, and minimalistic drones.

'Drømmenes Spejl' was produced during a very turbulent time in my life. It reflects my personal journey through a depression which culminated in my family falling apart. But crisis is the mother of change. From the ashes of the World Tree, new seeds can grow.

I found comfort in these pieces, and it is my hope that they may bring comfort to other suffering souls who find them.

I would like to dedicate this album to the gods and people who stood by me in its making. - Væv 2021'

© Væv 2021

© Winter-Light 2021

All music by Væv

K-14 level mastering by Peter Andersson 2021.

Cover artwork and design by Midnight Sun Studio.

Released by 22 October 2021
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Væv - Drømmenes Spejl

by Væv

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