This latest production of Guido Ciabatti, known by his stage name Die Dunkle Seite, makes us feel like we are inside a tunnel, surrounded by sound, such as in a horror movie,

trying to escape from a scary enemy which seems to chase us but that may not exist, we crawl through the ventilation ducts.

We see the light and we aim to reach it failing, because the tunnel seems endless.

We feel wrapped in the penumbra, the surroundings are gloomy, our teeth grind.

Basically it represents our present life. An experience made of suffocating deadlines of which we never reach the end, our so called "light",

and even more today we feel wrapped by a pandemic fear that rages in our existence such like the boundaries of the tunnel in which we crawl.

It is an ambient album for a gloomy winter to face, looking for a light in ourselves to survive in these dark times.

This is an experience of the fear and tremor of the present existence.

Released by 19 January 2021

Twisted Wires

by Die Dunkle Seite

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Twisted Wires
Includes digital download.
Compact disk in a lovely cardboard sleeve with artwork by CBT.
Digital album