Deep suspension, tribal minimalism, and delicate whispers dominate the textured and meditative spaces of Zemög's universe. The imaginary and exuberant places, the waves that travels above the crystal clear water, the mist and the path to an unknown mountain. The drums resound their acoustic vibration and call our ancestors.

Derin is the founder of the void. Its endless environments take us on an infinite path to the depths of the river, an expedition accompanied by thick and acid filtered frequencies, cymbals and textures that guide the diving.

Tucan initiates us into the ritual under the starry night, it is a bird that whispers to us from time to time, levitates over the waters with its generative rhythm, the sharp wind beats its wings and accelerated time makes the plants grow around it, it is a timelapse of unconscious life.

Fisiltilar is the soul of rhythm, it keeps us moving, dancing with the freshness of the rising sun.

Daniel[i]'s Revisit of Derin closes this release meditatively, a possibility to contemplate, thank, to reflect on our interior and externalize negative energy.

_ Format : digital and 12" vinyl.

_ Label : whispering signals

_ Catalogue : WHS04

_ Original work produced, written and mixed by Jose Gómez Ríos.

- Revisited by Daniel Danieli.

_ Visual art by Jose Gómez Ríos.

_ Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio in Rome.

_ Pressed at RandMuzik in Leipzig.

_ Distributed by WordAndSound.

© ℗ WHS 2023

WHS 04

by Daniel[i] , Zemög

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