The infinitive is the basic dictionary form of a verb when used non-finitely. It is also the form chosen by Daniel[i] and Purl for the tracks of WHS 03: return to the basics, simplicity, pure nature distilled into music.

Pulsate starts with an ethereal soundscape, created to then open to a deeper underwater exploration. There´s a universe down there and the listener will be guided to appreciate its beauty: lanternfish giving the tempo of this journey, marine life to marvel at. We take a step back to observe and fill our eyes and ears. We come back to the surface, finding peace and calm.

Opening in a slow, thoughtful and majestic way, Compensate is a hymn to balance. Since the very beginning, the listener will notice a contrast between gloomy atmospheres and lighter sounds, resulting in a chasing sensation that´s uncomfortable, yet fascinating. Desire to explore, together with acceptance, surrender to the things we simply can´t understand as humans.

The listener is then invited to explore darker, faster, more pounding atmospheres. Intimidate anticipate it all in its title : sounds, tempos, images, they all chase each other to create an atmosphere that's daunting and fascinating at the same time. A track to accompany one's journey, be it real or spiritual, a trip where we let things happen as they come, accepting the flow of life.

Resonate closes the B side drawing with sounds the depth of our natural state. Close your eyes and transport yourself in lost woods, alone in a tent at sunset, when the day is almost over and ready to make room for the night. The wood is speaking, the animals are awake, it's frightening but incredibly beautiful. Crickets are singing their songs, frogs are bouncing from one pond to another, water connects with air, resonate with earth and with the smallnes of man in the face of nature.

_ Format : digital and 12" vinyl.

_ Label : whispering signals

_ Catalogue : WHS03

_ Original work produced, written and mixed by Daniel Danieli & Ludvig Cimbrelius.

_ Visual art by Polygonia.

_ Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio in Rome.

_ Pressed at RandMuzik in Leipzig.

_ Distributed by WordAndSound.

©2021 WHS


Released by 04 October 2021
Artists (2)


WHS 03

by Purl, Daniel[i]

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